Repair Proccess

JB inverters Service Center Defective Units must be brought to or shipped to JB inverters Service Center.  When a Unit is accepted and logged in, the Unit is assigned a Work Authorization Number which is used as a Unit Identity, and is used to track the Unit during the Repair Cycle and all records include this number for tracking.  To “Log In” the Unit the Model #, Serial #, and Date of Manufacture is entered on the Work Authorization Form along with the Customer’s indication of symptoms / problem definition.

A visual Inspection is then performed to document the presence of peripheral hardware e.g. “DC In” Bolts, AC Input Plate, etc.  This is documented on the Form.  At this point the Unit enters into a “queue” for failure analysis.  Units are processed on a “First Come”, “First Serve” basis.

When the Unit is next in the sequence, failure analysis is performed.  Then the Unit is visually inspected and tested to estimate labor and material necessary to implement the repair of the unit.  Repair completion cannot be estimated without the availability and delivery time of the material required.  All this information is used to develop an estimate of the cost and time to the repair.

At this point in the process the Customer is notified with the “Cost to Repair” and “Time to Repair” and has the opportunity to determine if the repair should proceed.  The customer choices are:  Proceed with the repair, don’t repair and have Unit returned, or don’t repair and “Scrap Unit”.  The cost of the repair may be large enough that the customer may chose to replace or upgrade the Unit.

The charge for Failure Analysis is $50. If no repair is required